Launched on 09.09.09


"Illuminize" is an album that's very very close to my heart. It consists of 12 of my best songs that have been compiled and produced over the span of 4 years.

The inspiration behind this production has mainly been my inclination to spiritual life, combined with passions in sound design and electronic music production.

The object and concept of this album was to depict some of the ancient Indian texts and songs from the Vedas through contemporary, un-conventional modern arrangements and sounds.

Every stage of the production has been a wonderful and unique experience for me, through the different phases of my life. Every song too, has been dealt with love and diligence.

I dedicate this album to my spiritual master HH Jayapataka Swami, and all those well wishers who have helped me progress along the way.

A special thanks to my younger brother Swarup for helping me put this together and not to forget, my beloved wife Vanita and my entire family for the tremendous support and encouragement at every stage.

Hoping that this release is able to touch your hearts, in some way or the other!

Happy Listening!

Shabda Hari Das

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